Wednesday, August 4, 2010

we've moved. And it's a good thing. :)

When I get home after a really really tough day, I love walking up this path to this door.  Home.  We've been through so much heartbreak with the Boulder Creek house that it is such a relief to feel so happy in the evenings, no matter what the day has been like.
This deck makes me so happy.  Words don't adequately describe!
The front walkway, looking out to the driveway.  I love this walk, with its lights and my little fountain off to the left.
This is where I'm sitting right now.  When the whole house is set up, I'll post more.  But for now, it's time to rest, work was pretty challenging today and while creative work always makes me feel better, I'm exhausted.  Good night, and it's good to be back posting. 

OH!  I wanted to share some great news - I was the winner of a photography contest put on by the San Francisco Botanical Society!