Monday, October 3, 2011

Last post for this blog.

What a weekend!

There was a great surprise party for a dear friend on Saturday, followed by watching BBC's Doctor Who Season Finale later that night.

Then Sunday it was Open Studios, and I went with Jennifer from Seeds in the City and our dear friend Melanie went over to see the work of Doug Masury, an incredible textile artist and photographer.  His tapestries are AMAZING!!  If I don't find online photos of his work, I'll scan in his artist postcard information to show.

There *may* be more to share about Doug, but I'm going to hold on to that for now.  I promise to post more information if it transpires!

Sunday was also Love My Art Jewelry's first group sale, and what beautiful work there was!  Hope you got a chance to visit the site and have a look around.  It was quite an honor to have my work displayed alongside some really talented artists, and fun, too!

Until next time, hope you are well. :)

**This is the last post on Abeille a Miel - my blog will continue on '', and you are all cordially invited to visit.  Lots of exciting things coming this fall!**